SETTING THE STANDARDS We pride ourselves in supplying superior manufactured cleaning chemicals, detergents and various chemical products Qunu Oil specialises in cleaning solutions to meet our customers requirements and standards. We supply a range of chemicals, equipment and training as well as guarantee an all-round professional service that satisfies our customers needs. We supply detergents, sanitisers and various other products for all industries including the following:

As an owner run business we have the highest commitment in everything we do. We have gained extensive knowledge through experienced professionals and as a result we are able to provide highly effective cleaning & sanitising solutions that are customised to meet your specific requirements.


Our team consists of dedicated employees who are focussed on quality customer service excellence!


We Guarantee Experience And Quality

Our products are locally manufactured by professional chemical experts who hold SABS ISO 9001 Quality Management certifications as well as SABS approved product certifications. The quality management systems of our manufacturers are in line with the highest international standards and ensure continual improvement to our products & services. All our products are manufactured according to stringent quality control specifications and undergo several quality control checks & tests prior to being released to finished goods.


Our product quality starts with the building blocks of our manufacturers product formulations. Our manufacturers product formulations are carefully selected and undergo a strict evaluation process to ensure that we obtain the highest quality materials which ensure stock availability at all times.


If you’re looking for consistently high quality products, look no further… contact us today!

  • Automotive
  • Contract cleaning
    • General cleaners
    • Sanitisers
    • Deodorisers
    • Floor cleaners, dressings & polishes
    • Glass & window cleaners
  • Domestic & household
  • Engineering
    • Heavy duty maintenance degreasers
    • Parts washing
    • Anti-corrosion chemicals
    • Penetrating Sprays & lubricants
    • Electrical cleaners and sprays
    • Hand cleaners & hand protection
  • Food & beverage
    • CIP cleaning
    • Degreasers
    • Sanitisers
  • Healthcare
    • Antiseptics
    • High-performance disinfectants & sanitisers
    • Detergents
    • Floor care products
    • Disposable paper towels
  • Industrial
  • Kitchen
    • Dishwashing machine detergent & rinse-aids
    • Oven cleaners; caustic & non-caustic
    • General degreasers & sculler detergents
    • Fat & grease trap digesters
    • Sanitisers
  • Laundry
    • Hot & cold water detergents
    • Powder & liquid detergents
    • Fabric softeners
    • Laundry disinfectants
    • Special products
  • Mining
    • Personal Care
    • Antibacterial hand soaps
    • Hand soaps
    • Alcohol hand disinfectants
    • Shower shampoos
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